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Directions to Kahala

Directional overview:

Kahala Community Park is called Kahala Field on street maps. It is a double baseball field on the ocean side of Kahala Elementary, which is ocean side of Kahala Mall. The nearest big street is Kilauea Ave., running between the school and the Mall. The streets defining the park are Pahoa, Moa and Pueo. Our collection of scopes is closest to the corner of Pahoa and Moa streets. Pahoa is the 3rd left off Kilauea after you have driven out from under the elevated section of H-1. You may miss one of those 3 lefts so Pahoa may be the second left that you notice. If you miss it, turn left on Pueo and circle the field. As you drive down Kilauea and see a MacDonalds on your right, you will know it is time to turn left. The community center building in the park, near the corner of Pahoa and Moa, is fairly large and long, with obnoxious lights on the street side. There is no parking lot so do your best with street parking and please avoid making unnecessary noise near the neighborhood houses. When we lose this unique urban astronomy park, the people of Honolulu lose the universe.

Short Directions (from points west):

H-1 to Kahala Exit. Past Kahala Mall. Right on Kilauea. 3rd left is Pahoa. Go to end. Park on street. Walk into field. Find scopes and people. Enjoy the night sky with us.

Click here for a map to to the Kahala site.


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