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2022 Events

The following is the listing of HAS activities for 2022. Club meeting dates are very predictable. The other dates are based on the Moon's cycle of 27.3 days verses the earth's 30.4, not to mention the club's scheduling on Saturdays only. The longest darkest Saturdays were selected for the members-only outing. The public star party dates were scheduled for the Saturday where either the Moon sets early or rises late.

Please note that there will be no actual star parties for the general public until Oahu exits the Covid tier system. CLub Only star parties at Dillingham are limited currently to 30 people (including the "keymaster"), vaccinated members only, no guests. You must also bring your own optics, and for additional safety, you don't share views. We also have permission to hold an additional Club Star Party on our Dillingham Public dates. If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail.

Meeting Club Only Club Only Kahala / Geiger
1/4 1/1 1/29
2/1 2/19 2/26
3/1 3/5 3/26
4/5 4/2 4/30
5/3 5/21 5/28
6/7 6/18 6/25
7/5 7/30 7/23
8/2 8/27 8/20
9/6 9/17 9/24
10/4 10/15 10/22
11/1 11/26 11/19
12/6 12/17